"Something really special - it blew my mind."
Nils Frahm on 'Songs of Solace'
"Really nicely done."
Jonny Greenwood on 'Exit Music [for a film]'
"I wasn't prepared for the incredible thrills when Forshaw's liquid saxophone floats through a resonating cathedral. It nearly removed the top of my head."
Geoff Brown, The Times
"Forshaw's sax takes on a wild, soaring freedom creating something entirely original and honest."
Nina Large, The Guardian
"Music with a heart-wrending simplicity. Very beautiful, very different."
Sean Rafferty, BBC Radio 3
"Alert to every nuance of meaning - each item rendered with great beauty of tone."
Philip Reed, Choir & Organ on 'When Sleep Comes'
"Forshaw is highly adept at thinking himself into the music - the saxophone emerging out of the melody as though it were another voice, and then soaring above the texture."
Ivan Moody, Gramophone